Monday, September 23, 2013

More in 2011

We were very busy in 2011 so there are many more I would like to post, unfortunately I've got to pick and choose so- here are a few more.

The brightest orange I've ever seen in a matte finish- it actually hurt the eyes to look at it when installing- this one is for the "Bull run" rally. Mixed materials used, some Avery, 3m and Hexis.

Rockstar Foust rally car: 3m ij180cv3, 8518

FMF power beverage van: 3m ij180cv3, 8518

Fox Sprinter: 3m ij180cv3, 8518

A set of race bike fairings: 3m ij180, 8518.

Matte Black Porsche (our first luxury car wrap): 3m 1080 matte

We wrapped 10 of these purple and pink busses for Harrahs Casino: 3mij180cv3, 8518 gloss lam

A box truck and trailer fleet wrap for FMS:  3m ij180cv3 with liquid lam and transfer tape.

Schecter Guitar research motorhome: 3m ij180cv3, 8518

Moto concepts race trailer: 3m ij180cv3, 8518

Disney Aulani resort buss fleet- Full cab, body and window perf, General Formulations Auto-mark material. I believe there were 4 vehicles for this set.

A few highlights in Summer and fall 2011

OK, Lets pick up in summer to fall of 2011.

We were doing some nice Fall change-outs for retail windows. Here's Rip curl's San Clemente store:

And Huntington beach:

Most are printed using Oracal 3621 removable, 3651 or similar thin and low cost vinyl, no laminate and mostly hot off the press- Very difficult to handle. We use a wet install, a 2 man crew gets it done most efficiently.

A couple box trucks for Activate vitamin water using 3m ij180cv3 with 8518 gloss lam:

Interior walls, table and bar tops, and exterior windows for Chronic tacos in Corona, CA.  

Lets get this rig up to date!

AHA! Welcome to 2013... and it's already late September. Must be time to play catch-up with the blog...

So here is the goal for todays entries: Walk through memory lane and get this site up to date.

I'll try to keep it to highlight posts based on the month completed for a working timeline.


And here's a little retro love for the old "work truck" to kick things off:

Wrapped this little guy with hexis sparkle white, gloss red and matte black hood accent.
going for the reverse Starsky and Hutch style stripe for the side. 

1982 VW Rabbit diesel- bought with over 200k miles on the motor and it ran well for a summer.  We drove it hard though and the engine popped. Used to run about 400lbs of gear with the ladders strapped to the roof plus 2 guys in it. still got 30mpg even with the load. 
Sold it to a mechanic for $1000 with a blown motor. I think we both got a deal. 

And now down to business...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Scuderia Jerrari Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS spyder

Scuderia Jerrari, specializing in custom scale models and prototypes hires IH installations to work on their shop vehicle, a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS spyder.
 Using 3M™ DI-NOC™ CA-421 - flexible PVC film with 3M’s Comply™ Adhesive air release channels IH installations is wrapping the interior plastic surfaces of Jerrari's 2001 Eclipse spyder. 

This job requires special attention to detail and a full list of prep work is required before the vinyl even touches the surface. Also, the vinyl is tucked behind each piece of the disassembled interior parts in order to prevent lifting for the long term, and blend with the rest of the interior seamlessly. 

So far the center console, arm rest area, parking break enclosure and the two door plastics have been covered. still to come: full dash board and interior side pillars.

Thanks for reading, IH

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Harrah's Casino Wall Wrap

Approximately 16'w x 12'h this framed wall graphic was installed by IH Installations directly over another pre-existing print using 3m ij180cv3 with a 3m luster laminate to protect and block glare from nearby spotlights.

Graphics printed and produced by: Deadline Media

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lightning mcqueen graphics installation for Cars the movie

Wednesday was the last of our work for the lightning McQueen cars.

3m IJ180cv3 with 3518 gloss laminate was used for the printed graphics while clear controltac was sprayed and clear coated with custom cherry red in the paint booth, after curing multiple 4x8 sheets they were then transferred to the plotter for cutting. Just an outstanding Color combination for these hot vehicles!

Each are hand built full scale models with 2 layers of uniquely created and applied graphics.
After decal installation the vehicles are clear coated and readied for their Next destination.

The first found home at Disneyland in anahiem, another in Tokyo,
and 3 more built with fully functional electric motors and controls will Be used for parades and events featuring lightning Mcqueen, the star of "Cars" the movie.

Graphics printed and produced by: Signs By Tomorrow, Irvine

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IH installations: work on film with Transformers 3

Here are a few pictures from the blogg website showing the custom fabricated vehicles on set during the filming of Transformers 3 in Chicago. IH installations had the privilege of installing vinyl graphics for the green number 88 car and the red number 42 car.
All graphics printed by SBT Irvine.

This project was a blast to work on, and we weren't allowed to take any pictures during installation, so I'm glad to find a few real world action photos.